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Design, Drawing and Engineering of IBR Pipelines and other pipelines.
Fabrication / Erection of High-pressure Critical Pipeline (Alloy & Carbon Steel).
Fabrication/Erection of Steam, Condensate Pipeline (IBR/Non-IBR) for process steam Boiler.
Fabrication/Erection of LPG Carousal and Liquid evacuation pipeline etc.
Fabrication/Erection of Hydrant, Sprinkler, Fire fighting pipeline.
Fabrication/Erection of Thermal fluid & other pipe line
Maintenance/Repairing/Modification/Conversion of Boiler.

Manufacturing/ Supply of Boiler Pressure Components.
Screen tube, Riser/Down-Comer tubes, Bank Tubes, Steam Headers, Bed Coils and other pressure parts.
Pressure Reducing Station, M.S. Fabricated Separator and Stainer.
Economizer / Super-heater elements, Steam Radiator coils and other heating coils.
Oil Pre-heater, Air Pre Heater, Evaporator etc
Soot Blower Pipes, Blow-down Pipes, Ash Handling Pipes and other critical Pipes
Supply of IBR pipes & its fittings
All types of Steam Headers ( Common Distribution Header, Boiler Inlet/Outlet & Intermediate Headers)
General fabrication & Structural items as per customer drawing.
Laisoning for boiler registration and other IBR formalities from the authorities related.
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